To all viticulture blog subscribers that are vineyard and winery owners in Georgia:

We are recruiting hosts for the Winegrowers of Georgia Internship Program for the 2024 field season; we have several excellent undergraduate candidates we are about to start interviewing, but we still need a few more hosts for this season!

For those looking for more information on the internship, please see this link (which is for UGA students to apply to):

If interested in hosting an intern at your vineyard and/or winery: put together a flyer briefly describing your operation, the activities in which the intern will be involved, if there is housing available (not required), etc.   These will be shared with all student applicants to the program as we work through the selection process.  If you need an example flyer, I can provide several. Please send me these flyers no later than March 6th!

Some expectations for a hosting vineyard/winery include that you would provide students with a variety of different activities to help give them the “vineyard” experience and provide an hourly wage of $11/hour or greater (the minimum UGA student wage).

Please send your flyers directly to me at no later than March 6th. If you have any questions before you commit, let me know!