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Pesticide Credits Available for March 14th Pest Management Workshop

Georgia pesticide license credits will be available for attendees of the March 14th workshop in Tiger, GA. Details here: 3 hours of credit will be given for Category 21 Commercial Applicators, and 1 hour will be given for Private Applicators. Please bring your license numbers to complete the CEU forms….
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Late winter pruning, frost protection, and timely disease and weed management

I have received calls/concerns about adjusting pruning practice based on the warm weather patterns we are currently experiencing. The questions really being asked are “when should I final prune?” and “should I delay prune?” given the high potential for yet another relatively early bud break this year. –When to make…
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Small Fruits Newsletter – grape chores

Please see this PDF for a list of timely “grape chores” that are published quarterly in the Small Fruits Newsletter from the Southern Region Small Fruits Consortium ( UGA Extension Viticulture Team members Dr. Phil Brannen and Mr. Wayne Mitchem have both contributed to this edition’s grape chores.  We thank…
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Grapevine Trunk Diseases Review

If you are really interested in learning about grapevine trunk diseases, this new journal article is for you (see link).  It is a highly scientific article which covers the state of the art relative this topic.  We mainly have issues with Botryosphaeria-type diseases, and I include Phomopsis in this category…
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Crown Gall Symptoms

Crown gall can sometimes be confused with either leaf roll virus or Pierce’s disease. In general, if a plant is a completely brilliant red, this is likely caused by crown gall or some trunk injury.  Pierce’s disease and leaf roll viruses can also have reddened leaves or leaf margins, so…
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Pierce’s Disease Action Items

Pierce’s disease (PD) is showing up in numerous vineyards on quite a few grape varieties — V. vinifera and hybrids. Vines should be scouted in each vineyard for the three characteristic symptoms of PD: leaf scorch showing marginal chlorosis and necrosis, leafless petioles “match-sticks”, and “green islands” on the canes….
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