Pierce’s disease (PD) is a threat to vineyard sustainability in some parts of the southeastern US. PD is particularly a threat to susceptible cultivars planted in vineyards that are located in low-elevation, “warmer” micro-climates.

PD was observed in several vineyards in late summer/fall 2019. We have experienced yet another moderate winter. We may thus continue to observe cases of PD in vineyards in late summer/fall 2020.

Current, pro-active PD management options are to plant tolerant cultivars and to manage insect vectors. Retro-active management options are to remove infected vines. For further information on PD in grapevines, please see this link for the “Texas Grape Growers Pierce’s Disease Overview and Management Guide” (https://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/fruit-nut/files/2010/10/Texas-Grape-Growers-PD-Management-Guide.pdf) and this link for UGA Extension Bulletin 1514, “Pierces Disease of Grape: Identification and Management” (https://secure.caes.uga.edu/extension/publications/files/pdf/B%201514_1.PDF).

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