Last call for anyone potentially looking to host one of our UGA Winegrower Interns this year! See my previous post for additional information.

I am happy to share the digital copy of the Muscadine Management Poster – another collaborative effort from many of the southeastern US university (UGA, UT, NCSU, UArk, AU) Extension Specialists for the muscadine growers of the southeast! The poster was made beautiful by Megan McCoy (UGA Creative Design Specialist), who did the art for the Viticulture Management Poster from a few years ago.

Muscadine Grape Management Poster

This poster provides a visual reminder for the timing for the cultural practices, diseases, and insects that muscadine growers may have to deal with based on their growth stage. While this poster contains a great deal of information, you will still likely want the SE IPM guide for muscadines. The 2024 updated version for muscadine IPM management guide has been released as well!

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements where you can get a printed poster version for display! Supplies are limited due to the funds available for print. You can reach out to your statewide viticulture extension specialist (if outside of GA) or local UGA ANR County Agent to inquire about future events where you might be able to acquire one of the printed copies.

A big thank you to the Southern Region Small Fruits Consortium ( for providing the funding for these posters!