Past Research

While research is always ongoing, we will post some of the updates on our progress here for your reference. Note that most of these results will be preliminary!

  • Disease Management Regimes on PD-tolerant hybrid varieties – Shane Breeden’s slides on the disease management results from tests conducted at the research station in Watkinsville, GA.
  • PD Treatment Trial Year 1 – There is a new treatment option for Pierce’s Disease now registered for use in Georgia. We were examining how well the product worked in some Vidal Blanc in 2023. Lumpkin and Dawson County Agent, Clark MacAllister, discusses the results.
  • Sulfur use on vinifera vines in GA – Walt Sander’s slides on phytotoxicity and adjuvant use when sulfur was used to control powdery mildew at the high rate during hotter times during the day.
  • Bud density and trellis system effects on Chambourcin – When differing bud numbers were left and VSP was divided on Chambourcin grapes, Rachael White discusses the affects on sunlight exposure, yield, and fruit quality.
  • Leaf Removal Timing and Extent on Chardonnay – When leaf removal was conducted on Chardonnay at different times/phenologies, and to different degrees, Annie Vogel’s slides discuss the effect on crop yield, disease incidence, and primary chemistry.
  • Delayed pruning – As one of the earliest bud breaking varieties, Chardonnay is at risk for late-spring frosts. A test of delayed pruning on Chardonnay was done to help optimize bud retention and final prune timing in this cultivar while minimizing potential negative effects if there is not frost, like overall reductions in yield and fruit maturation.