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UGA Extension Viticulture Promotion

I was asked to share this story and video. Please read and view if interested. Growing Georgia Wine The University of Georgia’s Division of Marketing and Communications approached us this past fall to put this together. Nick, Leigh, and their colleagues did a fine job promoting and documenting what our…
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Small Fruits Newsletter – grape chores

Please see this PDF for a list of timely “grape chores” that are published quarterly in the Small Fruits Newsletter from the Southern Region Small Fruits Consortium ( UGA Extension Viticulture Team members Dr. Phil Brannen and Mr. Wayne Mitchem have both contributed to this edition’s grape chores.  We thank…
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Vineyard “chores” list from Southern Region Small Fruits Consortium Newsletter

I write a column in the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium’s quarterly newsletter entitled “Small Fruit News”. The column is a “grape chores list” to complement the caneberry and strawberry chores lists contained in the newsletter. This chores list may contain some information that is valuable to blog readers, so…
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