New Growers

Getting started in a vineyard can be hard – there are so many considerations and choices to make, so many new things to learn! Below are some links to presentations given over the years designed to help new growers thing about starting a vineyard.

Presentation Slides:

Extension Publications

There are so many Extension Publications currently available centered on Georgia and the rest of the southeast US. Here are some that may be of interest, but explore the other tabs on this Viticulture Website for specific topics and the Extension Publications website for even more! For Annual Publications, check to see if you have the most updated version. If you’re unsure if it is an Annual Publication, you can tell by either the publication number starting with an ‘AP’ or if the title is dated (for example, the 2023 Southeast Regional Bunch Grape Integrated Management Guide).

  • C -1151 – Viticulture Management Poster – Visual reminders of the cultural practices, diseases, and insects and their timing in the season where you should be dealing with them!
  • C-1303 – Muscadine Management Poster – Similar to the Viticulture Management Poster but focusing on Muscadine specific information. COMING SOON!
  • AP 131-1 – 2023 Southeast Regional Bunch Grape Integrated Management Guide
  • AP 126-2 – 2023 Southeast Regional Muscadine Grape Integrated Management Guide
  • B-806 – Home Garden Bunch Grapes
  • C-949 – Home Garden Muscadines
  • C-1162 – Introduction to Wine Grape Trellising, Training, and Pruning Terms