Just a reminder for tomorrow’s winemaking webinar, with our own Nathan Eason hosting Dr. Andreea Botezatu, an Enology Specialist at Texas A&M and her PhD student Cassie Hutcheson. They will be talking about using verjus as a wine acidifier (including the economics of the practice).

You can register to access this webinar and all future ASEV-ES Hangtime Seminars (with calendar invites!) through https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hkUYiyDIR4isot9iy8tW0w.


  • See the upcoming EVEF schedule for both viticulture and enology events :https://extension.psu.edu/fourth-annual-eastern-viticulture-and-enology-forum-webinar-series. On Wednesdays from noon to 1:30 PM.
EVEF date from Noon to 1:30 PMGroupTopicRegistration
Feb 14ViticultureA Current Review of Spotted Lanternfly Updates and Findings in Vineyardshttps://extension.psu.edu/review-of-spotted-lanternfly-updates-and-findings-in-vineyards
Feb 28EnologyGood Management of Malolactic Fermentation-Impact Factorshttps://cornell.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_XJSZWorGShyMWAR7ROHOXg#/registration
Mar 20ViticultureAddressing Climate Change Challenges Through Vineyard Management Strategieshttps://extension.psu.edu/addressing-climate-change-challenges-through-vineyard-management-strategies
Mar 27EnologyBioprotection Strategies to Control Spoilage Organisms During Winemakinghttps://cornell.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_MgMU9xP3Tp289QrBxfXtbA#/registration
Apr 24EnologyGood Management of Malolactic Fermentation-Sensory Impacthttps://cornell.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_uMQrOm7eRCuc_GaeqPTciw#/registration

Date, session runs from 11:30 AM-12:30PMTopic
Feb 8Use of Verju’s as a wine acidifier update
Mar 14Managing Rot towards the end of the season. Products, spray
guide resources.
Apr 11A closer look at using drip irrigation systems in the vineyards. From
insect control, drought management, and disease control
May 9What to expect at the ASEV-ES Conference in Ohio.
Jun 13Interpreting tissue sampling results, addressing deficiencies in the
vine. Nutrients in the vine that affect the wine.
Jul 9-11 in Cleveland, OhioCleveland, Ohio, 2024 Conference
Aug 8Let’s get Technical. A review of the newest technologies that are
taking grape growing into the future. The My EV Tool(My Efficient Vineyard).
GeoVine GIS technologies, PIVC technology
Sep 12Learn about the breeding of rootstocks and current progress.
Oct 10Trellis Designs for your specific grape and which grape varieties
prefer what type of pruning: Cane vs. Spur.
Nov 14Research update and review on frost protection products and
Dec 12An update on the acceptance of blends across the country. A
session dedicated to discussing blending in the winery.
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