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Webinar April 3 at 3 pm on Promoting Beneficial Insects in Vineyards for Conservation Biological Control

Here is a webinar that you might find interesting if you want to learn more about ecological (natural) pest management. It is offered by USDA NRCS Science and Technology. You can find a link to more information and instructions for how to access the webinar at Note that preregistration is…
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Additional source of forecast weather information

In the last blog post, Mark Hoffman described a place to get hourly weather forecasts for up to six days for a number of stations at airports around the Southeast. But if you don’t live near an airport, you might prefer to get information that is closer to your farm….
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Climate outlook for the 2018 growing season

In spite of what seemed like very cold temperatures over the winter, the April-like temperatures we experienced across the Southeast in February have left us well above normal in temperature for the year so far. February 2018 was the warmest February on record for Georgia and all of the Southeastern…
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Have we already seen the last frost of the year?

I’ve been asked by a number of people what are our chances for getting a frost in the next couple of weeks after this tremendously warm weather we’ve been experiencing. I think that for the southern 2/3 of Georgia, we may have already seen our last frost of the year,…
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A look back at 2017 and the outlook for 2018

I’ve posted a summary of the 2017 year in climate for Georgia and surrounding areas as well as an outlook for the coming growing season on my blog at Overall I think things look promising for growing grapes in the coming growing season, with drier conditions reducing the likely…
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Weather, climate and wine

Global Weather & Climate Center has a good short summary article about the impacts that weather and climate have on wine production. It is a compilation of information from Forbes, Journal of Wine Economics, the Denver Post, and Earth magazine. If you have things to add that you think were…
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Look for frost early next week

The National Weather Service office in Peachtree City has put out a preliminary frost/freeze warning for Monday morning. You can follow more information at If you are in far northeastern Georgia, then you are actually in the Greenville-Spartanburg NWS office’s region and you can get information from them at If…
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Where to get forecasts for frost

In a blog post earlier this week I provided some links to sources of information on historical frost dates across the country. Today I want to provide you with some links to help you find current forecasts for frost.  It looks like to me that we are likely to see…
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Wine and weather in the news

For those of you who follow national and international trends in wine grapes and wine production, you may be interested in some recent articles I have seen on the impacts of weather on wine production both here in the US and abroad. One of the biggest stories, of course, has…
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