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UGA Extension Pecan Specialist Dr. Lenny Wells has updated the fungicide schedule. Not much has changed from previous years with the exception of the use of phosphite alone in one of the early sprays. He lists it here for spray number 2 but it should work for spray 3 or possibly number 4 as well, depending on how soon you get to spray 4. Basically use it on one of the pre-pollination sprays:

We have had some rain this week but there is till very little tissue out and temperatures remain relatively cool. I have heard of a number of folks spraying already. I still feel its a little early, but growers with Desirable or Pawnee in high pressure areas should consider spraying soon. Bear in mind that scab grows within a range of 50-95 degrees but 59-77 is the optimum range.

Fungicide Schedule Example follows:

Moderately susceptible cultivars or those under less scab pressure

1. Absolute

2. Phosphite–2 qt/acre rate*

3. Absolute

4. Elast/Tin

5. Absolute

6. Elast/Tin

7. Elast/Tin

8. Elast/Tin

*Check mixing compatibility of your phosphite and foliar zinc (or other foliar nutrient) choices prior to application. Some phosphite and zinc products do not mix well.

Heavy Scab Pressure (Desirable, Pawnee)

1. Absolute

2. Phosphite–-2 qts/acre

3. DMI Fungicide (Tebuconazole or Propiconaole, etc.) + Tin

4. Absolute+Phosphite @1 qt/acre

5. Elast/Tin

5. Absolute

6. Elast/Tin

7. Elast/Tin

8. Quadris Top

9. Elast/Tin

10. Elast/Tin

11. Absolute

12. Elast/Tin

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