• garbage on land

    June 5 is World Environment Day. This year the focus is on what each one of us can do to reduce plastic waste. Half of all the plastic we produce is single-use or disposable. Bottles are the most common type of plastic waste.  Worldwide we buy 1 million plastic bottles every minute and less than […]

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  • Forty-eight years ago the first Earth Day was observed. We have made some positive changes including phasing lead out of gasoline, removing asbestos from many products, and improving regulations on health and environment impacts of pesticides. This year the focus is on reducing single-use plastics. Each year around 300 million tons of plastic go into the items we […]

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  • Thanksgiving is a holiday where everyone gets to sit by the dinner table and spend the night eating with friends and family. It makes you appreciate what you have and who truly makes you feel thankful. While you’re at the dinner table with turkey and dressing, there may be something sinister lurking about in your […]

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  • Every day in the United States, about 130,000 computers are thrown away. The recyclable material that makes up a computer includes plastic, metal, and glass. Even the attachments you use with your computer can be recycled, like the keyboard, the mouse, the computer speakers, external hard drives, printers and scanners. While most electronics can be […]

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  • I can’t tell you how many times I have been walking on a sidewalk and had to move over so someone wouldn’t walk into me.  I find myself wondering what are they doing that is so important and interesting on that phone.  A sidewalk crash usually results in minimal injuries; however, crossing the street with your […]

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  • House

    Do you feel ill whenever you are in your house, but feel fine when you stay in a hotel or at a friend’s house? There could be something in your house that your body is reacting to. Mold is often the named culprit; however, it isn’t always mold. To determine what is causing your health concerns you […]

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  • Greenway Logo

    You could be adding to the pollutants in your home with the cleaning products you use. Studies conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show levels of several common organic pollutants are two to five times higher inside homes than outside. These indoor pollutants come from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from a variety of […]

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  • Sign: Please remove your shoes

    Where did you walk today? Think about all the places your feet have been in the last 24 hours and then imagine the contaminants found in those places. Every time you walk into your home with your shoes on you are tracking in the contaminants you encountered throughout the day. About 30 to 40 percent […]

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  • Kid stacking cans

    Children are more likely than adults to fall victim to hazards in your home. Relative to their body size, children breathe in more air and consume more food than adults. They also spend more time close to the ground where contaminants lurk and there are lots of things to chew on. This means they are […]

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  • It’s Spring!

    flowers in springtime

    Everywhere I look it is says Spring!  The trees are blooming, there are daffodils everywhere and almost everyone is sneezing.  This time of year always reminds me how important it is to treat nature well.  Earth Day is almost here. Over the next several weeks we will be posting reminders about the importance of enjoying […]

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  • cartoon

    Lighting choices are changing. We all have to switch our thinking from WATTS to LUMENS. Your 60 Watt bulb produces 800 Lumens of light. Watts are a measure of energy consumed, not light produced. For more info on choosing lighting go to: https://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=cfls.pr_cfls_lumens

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  • canoeing

    Planning your summer getaway? Five things to consider: 1) Leave the place you visit better than you found it – whatever you take to the picnic bring home – trash receptacles often become filled to overflowing. Debris will take wing – so remember to take a trash bag and bring home your recyclable, compostable, and […]

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  • Recycling seems to be a part of everyday life for most Europeans.  I saw large recycling bins along the roads in Spain, France, Germany and Austria.  All of the containers I saw required people to separate their trash (i.e.  glass, paper, cans, etc.). Interestingly the university in Spain where the conference I attended was held did […]

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  • Walking and visiting Europe seem to go hand-in-hand. It is a wonderful exercise, especially when you get to wander through Park Güell in Barcelona. I am sure I walked more in one afternoon at the park then I do in a week back home in Athens, Georgia. From the metro, or underground, I walked up […]

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  • Pick up trash on beach

    What moves you to take action? The Turkish Government’s plan to replace the last significant green space in central Istanbul with a shopping mall is what activated a group of young people in Istanbul. I do not advocate violence, but I do understand the frustration of young people who know their voices are not being […]

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  • Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  What plans have you made?  How about going GREEN this Mother’s Day. Here are a few of my favorite ideas. Spring is here and all thoughts go to gardening, how about making a special garden just for mom.         Here are some suggestions:  Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden, Cutting […]

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