What moves you to take action?

The Turkish Government’s plan to replace the last significant green space in central Istanbul with a shopping mall is what activated a group of young people in Istanbul. I do not advocate violence, but I do understand the frustration of young people who know their voices are not being heard.

Let me pose a question, what does it take to get you to say, “No, I will not sit quietly and let this happen.”

Looking back over our nation’s history we have often stepped forward and said, “wait one minute.” Starting in 1776 on to the movement try to abolish slavery to women’s suffrage to workers’ rights to civil rights to LGBTQ civil rights movement to Environmental Movements our history says we are a nation of activist.

No one supports every group or cause, but we all have that one thing that will make us say – NO NOT ON MY WATCH!

I remember seeing someone throw a bag of fast food trash out a car window. I stopped – picked it up then went looking for the owner. It was not that hard to find him. His car was a red SUV, a vainty plate, and a U.S. flag bumper sticker that had these words, “America Love It Or Leave It – Proud to be an America.” I handed him his trash and pointed to his bumper sticker.

What does it take to move you to take action on issues that are important to you?

How do you take action? Do you write letters, send emails, make calls, or are you the organizer of people. Do you believe your single letter has power? Are you the person who sees something that needs doing and does it? Do you think that there is power in numbers?

Just curious.

Georgia Youth taking action to improve their world.




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