Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  What plans have you made?  How about going GREEN this Mother’s Day. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

Spring is here and all thoughts go to gardening, how about making a special garden just for mom.


Here are some suggestions:  Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden, Cutting Garden, Kitchen Herb Garden, or Salad Garden.  You don’t need a large plot, and even if you don’t have a yard you can have a container garden.  Make sure you let the kids help pick out the plants. Check with your county’s Extension Agent about what works in your part of the country. Cooperative Extension is great resources for everything green and growing.

Butterfly Garden

These are two of my favorite gifts, clean out the rain-gutters and give her a new rain barrel. If you have time let the kids paint the rain barrel. I am sure they will have plenty of ideas for pretty designs. Click here for a guide to building a rain barrel.

Get up early on Saturday and take a trip to your local Farmers Market.  Make sure you take the kids, let them shop the stalls for fresh produce, eggs and cheese. Don’t forget to take your own bags or a basket. On Sunday you and the kids let mom sleep in, while you make her a special brunch from all the goodies you found at the market –


don’t forget to get flowers or even better a potted plant or herb filled window-box while at the Farmers Market.


farmers market

Come home and cook a special breakfast, like French toast with honey apple syrup.


Take the kids to visit the local reuse store. Pick up a small table and interesting side-chair.  Use your artistic talents to redesign your finds.  Decoupage family photos on the table top and paint the chair in bright colors.  Remember to use VOC-free paints and clear finish.  Have fun with design. If you are up for more of a creative challenge here is a website with ideas on how to use pallets for all sorts of building projects.

Pack a picnic and plan a family outing to her favorite garden.  If possible have the family hike or bike to the chosen location. Walk Georgia:

flowers field

child and Grandmother

Plant a tree or perennials in her honor.

Shade Trees


Flowering Perennials:

container corner

Donate time or a gift in her honor to her favorite charity.  Importance of Volunteering for Youth:

Mom’s Spa Day at Home: Load her favorite tunes on her device and light a candle (soy-based) and hang a note on the bathroom door that says, “Do not disturb.”  Remember to clean the bathroom for her before you set up her spa. Here are a couple of homemade recipes for her Spa Day.

–       Facial: Mix 1 TBSP of mashed Avacado,  1 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tbsp local honey, ½ tsp of sunflower or sesame oil – blend with a fork – apply to face with upward strokes and leave on for 10 minutes – rinse with warm to touch water – pat dry and then mist with rose water.

–       Bath Salts: 1 cup of sea salt, ½ cup of sunflower oil, and a few drops of mom’s favorite essential oil – allow to dissolve in a full warm bath.

Don’t forget to end the day with the greenest gift of all a hug, a kiss and a thank you for all you do.

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