Planning your summer getaway? Five things to consider:

1) Leave the place you visit better than you found it whatever you take to the picnic bring home – trash receptacles often become filled to overflowing. Debris will take wing – so remember to take a trash bag and bring home your recyclable, compostable, and cut down on the non-recyclables you use on picnics or beach cookouts. So if you bring it take it home.

family picnic

2) Bike, hike or paddle – a good way to address our need for physical activity and limit your carbon footprint.  With the increase in the number of bike trails families are looking at biking and camping trips.  Check out the Rails to Trails website.

schwinn five speed

3) Sun is our friend in so many ways but our eyes and skin including our scalp need to be protected. Wear hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are a must for a day at the beach or a day on the water or hiking in mountains.

sea kyaking sun glasses sunscreen water

4) Keep hydrated but leave pre-filled plastic bottle of water at home – take your favorite refillable water bottle with you.

sun glasses2

5) Traveling with the family dog is great fun, but remember to take their water bowl and plastic baggies for cleaning up after your dog.  No one wants to step in the little presents that your pup leaves behind.  Also, animal waste is becoming a real problem on beaches and in parks.  Also, take your dogs vets number and a sheet with info on your dog’s vaccinations just in case there are issues.walking


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