Children are more likely than adults to fall victim to hazards in your home. Relative to their body size, children breathe in more air and consume more food than adults. They also spend more time close to the ground where contaminants lurk and there are lots of things to chew on. This means they are more likely to ingest harmful substances. Children are still developing so hazardous substances can alter, stunt, or even revert growth. Childhood experiences and exposure to the world teach important motor skills and attitudes, both of which could be gravely affected by hazards in your home. A healthy home must be safe and clean in order to foster necessary development throughout a child’s lifetime.


It is important for parents to provide a healthy home for their children. What can you do to make your home safer?

  1. Childproof your home
  2. Test for radon
  3. Remove your shoes at the door
  4. Reduce asthma triggers
  5. Clean up mold
  6. Decrease exposure to lead hazards
  7. Clean green
  8. Buy and store fewer hazardous products


Come back to UGA GreenWay News every Monday morning for the next 8 weeks for more information on how you can make your home healthier for the children in your life. For additional information on making your home healthier visit:

–          Healthy Homes Partnership

–          Healthy Homes (HUD)

–          Children’s Environmental Health (EPA)

Please tell us in the comments or by email what one thing you did to make your home safer for your family.

 Living Healthy Living Green





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