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  • Ocmulgee Flowing High

    This morning I went by the river, and it is way up high. It’s more than half the width it normally would be where I am standing here. In this spot, I would normally walk out half way into that picture. We had about 5 inches of rain at my house over the past two weeks.…

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  • Cold Injury On Small Grain

    Of all our small grain, oats are showing the most cold injury. They are a little MORE susceptible to freeze, and this is a pretty open area. You could almost see a tint across this yield the same way you mow with dull mower blades. The good news is that we are still in the…

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  • Field Crop Update

    With produce, the month of December is not always laid back for farmers. Though I think we’ve had a good month since we have gotten some rain. It’s also good to have cold weather in December for a change… We’ve had a few foggy days these last two weeks as well. Here are some things…

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  • Small Grain Needs Rain

    Today we were looking at triticale and oats. We looked at fields grown for grain and grazing. He made a comment about something I observed earlier this week in small grain: some small grain is showing obvious symptoms of drought when others are not. We are needing rain pretty bad right now. When you look…

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  • Fiery Red

    We’ve already had two frosts this fall, and many colors are evident on trees in Wilcox County. I had to take a picture of this ‘fiery red’, sugar maple tree this week. It seems like the last few years, we haven’t seen good fall color. Since temperature is the greatest influence of fall leaf colors, the last…

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  • 1st Frost

    It seems like a few weeks ago we had a small frost, but only in the ditches. Yesterday’s frost was very evident as early morning temperature was 33 degrees.  The UGA Weather Station in Vienna had it at 32 degrees. Here are some pictures from yesterday morning. The last two year’s first frost was on…

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