• Solar Energy at Home

    solar roof on house

    Not even 10 years ago, a home with solar panels was a relatively rare sight. But recently an uptick in local and federal incentives as well as some advances in the technology has made them more popular than ever. This is why homeowners of all types are now looking to these panels as the next…

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  • windmill energy

    I was surprised that I saw few alternative sources of energy during my visit to Barcelona and Tarragona. I began to see wind turbines and solar panels when I crossed the border into France and even more as I traveled into Germany and Austria. I did some research to see how much of Spain’s energy…

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  • wind turbine in Montana

    Is it supposed to snow on May Day? I just returned from a conference on energy in Fort Collins, Colorado. The hosts did a wonderful job showcasing all four seasons.  The first few days were close to 80 (great for solar power).  Then there was rain, which provided some relief from the drought. Finally, over…

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