Around with world people are finding ways to turn the destruction caused by major storms into something beautiful. Hurricane Ike struck Galveston, Texas, in 2008, bringing with it a 6 to 15 foot surge of salt water the led to the death of around 35,000 trees, including some 50-100 year old live oaks. Most of the trees were cut down, but some remained and became works of art.

Galveston kept even more out of the landfill and compost piles by shipping around 200 tons of wood debris to a shipyard in Malaga, Spain to build a replica of the Galveztown, a 1779 ship in the Spanish fleet.

There are many other communities that have created wonderful works of art from dead trees. Below is a list of some of the tree art around the world.

  1. Forest of faces in Orr Park in Montebello, Alabama, USA
  2. Hurricane Katrina sculptures in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
  3. Legerwood Carved Memorial Trees in Tasmania, Australia
  4. Avenue of Honour in Dartmoor, Victoria, Australia
  5. Chicago Tree Project in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Learn more about other tree art projects from Amusing Planet.

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