I’m excited to announce the opportunity to present your research, teaching and/or outreach at the Housing Education and Research Association (HERA) Annual Conference in Lowell, Massachusetts on October 8-11, 2017. This year’s conference theme is: The Beat Goes On: From Boardinghouses to Gen Alpha.”

HERA is a small dynamic organization of research, teaching and outreach professionals who are passionate about housing issues. Submit an abstract and join us in Lowell for a great conference! In the past there have been presentations on property management, lighting, aging-in-place, historic homes, asthma, rural housing, multi-family housing, community engagement, energy efficiency, social media, re-purposing structures, and many other topics.

More information about submitting an abstract for the conference is available on the HERA website. Below are deadlines and information about submitting your 500 word abstract by April 7, 2017.  Now some fun facts about Lowell, Massachusetts, a great place to visit in October!

  • Lowell was America’s first planned industrial city
  • Rows of brick boarding houses next to the textile mills provided housing during the Industrial Revolution for young women (“Mill Girls”) who worked at the textile mills
  • Beat Generation author Jack Kerouac wrote the novel On the Road 50 years ago and there will be a 50th anniversary celebration October 5–9
  • James Whistler was born in Lowell and you can visit the Whistler House Museum of Art


Submitting an Abstract: You need to complete an information sheet and submit it along with your abstract to Dr. Gina Peek by April 7, 2017. Your abstract is limited to 500 words.


Title of Abstract (MUST BE 10 WORDS OR LESS):

Key word(s):

Author(s), Professional Title(s), and Institution(s) of Author(s):

If more than one author, use an asterisk (*) to designate the person(s) who will make the presentation or who has primary responsibility for the presentation.

Area of Presentation (Indicate which of the following categories best describes the entry):

_____ Instructional Strategies and Programming Ideas Entries may include developed materials, evaluation procedures, methods, and other topics appropriate for sharing, especially with persons involved in teaching and Extension.

_____ Research Submissions should clearly state the following: rationale or purpose of the research, research objectives, methodology, procedures, results, conclusions, and implications.

_____ Issues and Policy Entries may include any relevant concern to housing professionals regarding policy and issues both within the field or affecting the field.

 Format Desired (the editor may suggest moving the format to another category if deemed appropriate):

_____ Oral presentation Presentation of approximately 20 minutes by one or more authors

_____ Poster presentation No larger than 30 x 40 inches, either portrait or landscape orientation

_____ Symposium – An extended presentation by a panel of speakers who focus on a housing theme

 Correspondence/Contact Person (If any of this contact information will change for the summer, please give both current and summer information and indicate the date of change):

Name:                                                             Mailing address:

E-mail address:                                             Phone number:

 Agreement (must be signed by the presenter in order for the abstract to be reviewed):

If my abstract is accepted, (1) I agree to be present at the HERA Annual Conference and make the presentation and, in the event of circumstances that prevent attendance, to arrange for someone else to make the presentation, and (2) if accepted, I will register and pay registration fees for at least one day of the Conference. Otherwise, I understand that my abstract will not be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Signed                                                                                                             Date                                       



 Formatting your abstract…

  • 8” x 11”
  • Doublespaced
  • 1” margins
  • Tab paragraphs .5”
  • Arial 10 point font
  • Introductory information:
    • Title (MUST BE 10 WORDS OR LESS):
    • Authors’ names, followed by comma, and their affiliations: centered title case (upper and lower) letters (do not include the words “by” or “and” with author names).
    • Show sponsorship of research, acknowledgments, etc. at the end of the abstract as unnumbered footnotes
  • Maximum length of abstract is 500 words, exclusive of the title, names, acknowledgements, and references

Submitting your abstract…

  • Please use this convention to name your document
    • Last_First_HERA2017_Abstract
  • Remove personal or hidden information from your abstract. Instructions may be found HERE.
  • Submit (1) abstract and (2) abstract information sheet as Microsoft Word documents by email attachment. No other submission formats or methods will be accepted.
Boott Cotton Mills in Lowell was built in 1835. At that time Lowell was an important mill city.

Important Dates:

April 7, 2017       Abstracts are due to proceedings co-editor Dr. Gina Peek (gina.peek@okstate.edu)

April 28, 2017    Notification about acceptance and any required revisions

May 12, 2017       Revised abstracts due to editors

Watch the HERA website for more details about registration and accommodations.

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