Today I am celebrating World Home Economics Day in Malta at the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) conference. This is a day to focus on Home Economics Literacy.  This year the theme is “Sharing Food: Healthy and Sustainable Choices.”  Home Economics, or Family and Consumer Sciences as we refer to this profession in the U.S., is about improving the quality of life of families throughout the world.  Home economics education provides essential life skills that empower families and consumers throughout the world.

Get involved and share a food experience with others today.

  • Share home-grown vegetables, herbs or fruit
  • Share homemade food for a family meal
  • Share the cooking of a meal with your friends, family or colleagues
  • Share food with a volunteer community group

Learn more about Home Economics Literacy from IFHE.

Check out the exciting careers in Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia.

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