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New NOAA Climate Summaries for each state

Today NOAA released a set of new climate summaries for each state. Here is what their new website says: The State Climate Summaries spell out recent local conditions for each state and provide insights about the state‚Äôs climate outlook based on historical trends. Climate is distinguished from daily weather because…
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USGCRP Climate Indicators Catalog

I am a co-author of the U. S. Global Change Research Project’s latest national climate assessment chapter on the Southeast. Some of the things that we look at are indicators of how climate is changing based on variables like temperature, precipitation, and related quantities like growing season length, heat waves,…
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New gridded climate normals datasets now available for 1991-2020

Got this update from the PRISM climate group in Oregon. Maybe it is something that you can use if you do climate studies: We are pleased to announce the release of updated PRISM 1991-2020 gridded normals datasets for the conterminous United States. Elements include precipitation; minimum, maximum, and mean temperature;…
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