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Not a typical La Nina winter

Today is the last day of meteorological winter, and in spite of being in a La Nina this year, it has not felt nearly as warm and dry as we usually expect from a LN winter due to the impacts of the Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) which pushed the storm…
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More rain this week except in Florida

More rounds of rain this week are expected in most areas of the Southeast except for the Florida Peninsula. The heaviest rain is expected to be in Alabama and western Georgia, with lighter amounts elsewhere. The Florida Peninsula should see only light amounts of rain, which could lead to the…
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D0 removed from NC, GA; reduced in FL and AL

The latest Drought Monitor, released earlier this week, shows that the recent rains have removed the abnormally dry conditions (D0) that were western North Carolina and in Georgia and have reduced them in Florida. Moderate drought (D1) and abnormally dry conditions also shrunk in Alabama. With this week’s rain, I…
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