Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Happy astronomical spring!

Even though spring is already almost three weeks old for climatologists, today is the official start of astronomical spring. EarthSky has a good story about the March equinox (which means “equal night”).  You can read it here. They have a second story about whether days and nights are equal at…
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What is cloud seeding and does it work?

I saw this well-written discussion of the science of cloud seeding this morning and thought you might be interested. Cloud seeding is the injection of specific chemicals into clouds to help them form precipitation. It is often discussed as a way of helping farmers get more rainfall, especially in times…
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Why was February so warm? has an excellent discussion of why February set records for high temperatures across the Southeast. The short answer is that it is related to the very wavy winds that occurred during the month, which brought cold weather to the western US at the same time that we were toasting…
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How aerosols affect climate

Aerosols are tiny particles floating in the air. They can come from natural sources like bursting bubbles on the ocean, which release tiny crystals of sea salt into the air, or volcanic eruptions, which emit ash and sulfuric acid as tiny droplets. They can also come from human pollution like…
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