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Garden Professors: Four types of drought and how they affect gardeners and gardens

In my other blog this week at the Garden Professors, I wrote a post about the four types of drought that occur and how they can affect gardens and gardeners. You might be interested in reading it too. You can access it at
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What is wind?

For those of you who are interested in the science of meteorology, here is a short explainer from Earth Networks that describes what causes wind and how it is measured. In brief, wind is just the flow of air caused by differences in air pressure that cause the air to…
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Pecan crop comes up short

Bad weather this last year led to a smaller than expected pecan crop according to this story in the Southeast Farm Press this week. The crop got a lates start because of cool, erratic weather in the spring, which may have affected pollination. Rainy and cloudy weather through the summer…
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