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NOAA: We are now in a La Nina watch

If you’ve been following conditions in the Eastern Pacific Ocean lately, you know that the temperatures there have been showing the characteristic pattern of colder than normal temperatures along the equator. This is the signature sign of a La Nina. While a La Nina is not officially called until the…
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Is La Nina on the way?

In today’s webinar (recording at on climate conditions in the ACF river basin in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, David Zierden, the Florida State Climatologist, discussed some recent changes in the temperature profile of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Over the last month, the ocean temperature distribution has started to look…
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ENSO-neutral conditions are expected to continue through spring

The latest weekly ENSO outlook was released by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center today and show that while the sea surface temperatures in the eastern Pacific Ocean are quite warm at the moment, neutral ENSO conditions are expected to continue through Northern Hemisphere winter (70% chance) and spring (65% chance). In…
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