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Auburn University Working on Project for Hurricane-Ravaged Timber

If you drive through southeast Alabama or southwest Georgia, you can still see plenty of damage from Hurricane Michael, which hit there in 2018. Researchers with Auburn University’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences are currently working on a “Downed Timber Initiative,” which aims to develop new methods of using…
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USDA Hurricane Preparation and Recovery Commodity Guides

The USDA Southeast Climate Hub has recently expanded their list of guides for hurricane preparation and recovery. There are guides available for each state but there are also guides available for many different commodities and agricultural products in the region. The guides include livestock, forests, forage, and even beekeeping in…
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Economists Estimate $55-100M Hit to Florida Agriculture Due to Hurricane Sally

I’ve posted several stories about the impacts of Sally on agriculture in the Southeast. This latest, from IFAS, indicates that the costs from Sally were between $55 and $100 million. Damage from 2018 Hurricane Michael was worse because the winds were stronger and lasted farther inland, but Sally dropped a…
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