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How cloud cover impacts corn yields

Farm Progress posted a story based on some new research that shows the relationships between cloudy conditions and reductions in corn yield based on growth stage that corn growers might be interested in. It can also affect stalk quality and strength. Even though rainfall and temperature are both important, the…
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Climate change on course to hit US Corn Belt especially hard, study finds

A new study by Emory University scientists shows that by 2100, the Corn Belt may be unsuitable for cultivating corn without significant technological advances. Environmental Research Letters published the research, which adds to the evidence that significant agricultural adaptation will be necessary and inevitable in the Central and Eastern United…
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Grain losses affect world market

A severe heatwave across India has scorched their wheat crop, reducing their yields and making them consider how to replace the needed grain with the war going on in Ukraine stranding most of their harvest from last year, unable to be shipped out of their ports on the Black Sea…
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