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Growing wheat in the Arizona desert

Here is an interesting story from AZCentral that describes how one Arizona farmer is growing wheat and other crops in the desert by careful use of water combined with regenerative agriculture, a process of rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity through cover crops and other conservative methods….
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Few changes to drought except in Florida, Puerto Rico

There were few changes to the drought condition across most of the Southeast. There were no changes in VA, NC and SC and small decreases in AL and GA. In Florida, there was a slight decrease in areal coverage overall but the area of severe (D2) drought expanded. Moderate drought…
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Frost and freeze–what is the difference?

I posted this information about frosts and freezes in the UGA Viticulture blog today after getting a request from a grape grower in northern GA. Clearly, it has been on the mind of a lot of growers this week due to our return to cold conditions after a very warm…
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