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No rain in sight

Unless you live in southern Florida, you are unlikely to see any rain at all for at least the next week according to the latest 7-day QPF map. This is bad, because coupled with the well-above-normal temperatures, moisture stress is going to cause problems for ripening crops and will make…
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Dry week ahead

With the development and movement of TS Humberto to the northeast, nearly all of the Southeast will be free of rain this week. The only exceptions are the mountains and the areas immediately next to the coast or in southern Florida. The dry conditions are likely to increase drought conditions…
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Little rain for the next week

The latest 7-day QPF map shows that nearly all of the region will see less than a quarter inch of rain this week. The only exceptions are a bit more in southern Florida and in the mountains, where some showers may pop up later in the week. It’s not uncommon…
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