Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Florida the dry spot again this week

The latest 7-day QPF map shows that northern and western parts of our region will see moderate amounts of rain this week from systems this weekend and again late in the week, with a dry spell Tuesday through Thursday. The exception is the Florida Peninsula, which is expected to be…
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A completely dry week expected

After what seems like months of rain, the next seven days are expected to be completely dry across the Southeast, a welcome change for farmers and everyone else who is tired of being in cloudy and wet conditions. By day 7, there is a small chance of showers in western…
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A mostly dry week bookended by rain

It’s raining this morning as I write this, but once this system moves out of the Southeast later today, we should see a dry period through the region Sunday through Wednesday. After that, the next system should start to enter the picture, although the heaviest rain will be offshore along…
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