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Climate Toolbox provides many useful agriculture tools for the continental US

The Climate Toolbox is an online source of climate information from a consortium of agencies in the Northwest. However, a number of their tools are available for the entire lower 48 states. You can view historical data for many different climate variables, including degree days, chill portions, evapotranspiration, and streaks…
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Mobile site for reporting drought

Are you frustrated that the Drought Monitor is not accurately reflecting dry conditions in your area? It may be that they do not have any data there other than radar-based rainfall. Reports from “on the ground” can be invaluable for drawing the correct drought lines. Here is a new mobile-friendly…
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Where do you get fine-scale rainfall information?

Summer rainfall can be highly variable in space and time. You’ve probably all seen a shaft of rain covering part of your town while bypassing other areas, or compared rainfall amounts with neighbors and found quite a difference from your own. If you are monitoring a county for rainfall amounts…
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