Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Top ten wettest May 3 through August 3 for much of the Southeast

According to calculations provided by the Southeast Regional Climate Center on their Perspectives tool, the last May 3 through August 3 (three months) has been in the top ten wettest in many parts of the Southeast. In Virginia and at a few scattered locations elsewhere it has been the wettest…
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Climate Explorer: look at historical and projected climate in the US

Here’s a great site for looking at historical climate as well as projections of future climate. It’s called the Climate Explorer and is part of the US Climate Resilience Toolkit. It allows you to search by location anywhere in the contiguous US or by variable, including temperature, precipitation, and degree…
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USDA weekly weather and climate update

Did you know that the USDA publishes a weekly comprehensive update on weather and climate conditions around the US? If not, you might want to take a look at it to see if any of the information is useful to you. You can find the latest one at You should…
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