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Counting the Days to Maturity: Calculating planting dates for fall vegetables

Here is a useful article for those of you who are home gardeners and are starting to think about planting fall crops. It’s from The Garden Professors blog, the other blog I contribute to. This one is written by John Porter of University of Nebraska Extension. He includes a map…
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Water: Garden Friend….and Foe? – Water, Relative Humidity, and Plant Diseases

In The Garden Professors blog this week, John Porter of Nebraska Extension posts an article describing how water provides both necessary moisture and a contributor to diseases that can hurt plant growth, and in the worst cases, kill the plant completely. The article describes how water in the atmosphere contributes…
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New Condition Monitoring website

This is the time of year that abnormally dry conditions can really start to affect agricultural production. This is true for both planting (seeds need moisture to germinate) and crop development. The Drought Monitor does not always do a good job of capturing the changing conditions as rapidly as we…
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