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Thanks so much to Doug Harvey letting us come to the farm and watch this pruning demonstration by Dr. Wells. Thanks to all who attended the meeting. I thought I’d share these photos with some of the methods we learned yesterday:

Having a central leader is the first priority for these trees. You want to start taking limbs off until you get about head high. Then choose one central leader.
Lenny destroyed this first tree (which is why I wanted him here). In this picture, he is talking about tipping that central leader at the top. You make your cut at the point where the buds start to separate.
Once you tip that central leader, you go down about 4 buds, then shear all of the rest of the buds OFF of that branch.
GPTV wanted to interview Dr. Wells and found out he was going to be with us yesterday. I invited them to come film, and they interviewed Lenny and myself after the clinic. The show features pecans and their nutrition and will air in a couple of months. I will share the link to the video then.
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