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Bermudagrass Burndowns

UGA Extension Weed Scientist Dr. Eric Prostko is sharing information concerning a few inquiries on controlling bermudagrass prior to planting various row crops.  An established stand of bermudagrass can be very difficult to manage. When dealing with bermudagrass burndowns, glyphosate rate and time of application are crucial. Here are a few points to consider:

1) When applying glyphosate in the spring, when is the best time of application?  Generally, later applications are more effective after the bermudagrass has greened up and is actively growing (Figure 1).

2) Can bermudagrass be effectively controlled with 1 application of glyphosate? What rate of glyphosate should be used? In previous UGA research, the most effective control of bermudagrass occurred when 3 applications of glyphosate @ 2 lb ai/A were applied (Figure 2). Obviously, this program would have to be implemented the year before planting a spring row crop. I hope you notice that a single application of 4 lb ai/A of glyphosate applied in May was not very effective (38% control).