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The airplanes are flying and we’ve been looking at defoliation this week pretty strong. We’re getting done with peanuts in most fields. Most of our cotton has already naturally defoliated, but we have lots of juvenile growth. With our temperatures, we also need to keep our thiadiazuron (Dropp, Freefall, etc) in our programs to prevent regrowth. Normally this time of year, we could cut out our thiadiazuron. If we have another warm winter, it will be the third in a row.

You can see juvenile growth in the top and bottom of the plant, as well as squares developing. Temperatures will hit 87 degrees next week.

Weed Control

We’ve also been looking at fields with wild radish / mustards and others. The mustards are growing 1/3 the height of our cotton plants. Instead of using Diuron, Glyphosate would be a better option for mixing with our defoliants. UGA Extension Cotton Specialist Dr. Jared Whitaker advises to use a high rate of whatever glyphosate product you need.


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