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Wilcox County has so much land under forestry production. I enjoyed working with forestry in my previous county and keep my eye on the trees. As I’m driving paved roads, dirt roads and no roads in the county, this symptom of brown needles is almost every single stand and age class of trees. It looks as if the inside needles turn red/brown and shed.

UGA Extension Forest Specialist Dr. David Moorhead says ‘this is normal browning of 18 month old needles on the pines as they begin to shed. Because of the earlier rain, there are more (needles) on the trees than normal so the “brown” is very noticeable. You should have green tufts of needles at the tips of the branches.  If the needles at the end of the branches are turning brown, then there is a problem we need to look at.’

Brown needles shedding on longleaf pine
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