Valentine’s Day

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    When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you may think staying green would be hard. Well, don’t worry your little eco-friendly heart. I have searched the web far and wide to bring you some amazing green Valentine’s Day tips that will leave not only your loved one feeling loved but Mother Nature feeling special as well.…

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    Saturday is Valentine’s day. Have you come up with a great gift idea?  It is a good time to remind those you love to live greener by giving them a greener gift.  Below are some are eleven gift ideas for your greener Valentine’s day. Include some information from your Cooperative Extension office about starting plants from seeds.…

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    What can you do this year to show your love for both your “Valentine” and the earth? The first thing I think of is to REDUCE consumption. Just don’t give anyone anything this Valentine’s Day.  Of course, if you choose this way to green your Valentine’s Day you may end up celebrating by yourself in…

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