green gift giving

  • wood basket

    Because life is too short to ‘give’ the status quo! Imagine walking through a walled city that’s more than a 1,000 years old. You watch every step as you try not to sprain an ankle on the unevenly cobbled and beautiful streets. Fresh fruits, veggies, spices, meats and cheeses are all on display. You relish…

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  • ducks

    I am posting this for my colleague Sharon.  This is the first in a series of 3 postings on gifting and children. Today as I was driving back from Thanksgiving with family I started to think about why some people seem to be very generous with their time, talent and resources while others are not. …

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  • antler artwork

    Is your house like mine and filled with stuff?  Lately I have been cleaning and trying to downsize.  I am finding things that I no longer use, but they are still in good condition and could be useful to someone else. Yes, I know I can donate things, but what about passing them along to…

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