Healthy housing is an issue of concern around the globe. The Healthy Housing 2016 conference in Brisbane provides an opportunity to share research on the indoor environment and sustainable design. This is the 7th International Conference on Energy and Environment of Residential Buildings (ICEERB 2016) and my colleague and I were pleased to share our work on healthy housing in the United States. Michael Goldschmidt with the University of Missouri is the National Program Director of the Healthy Homes Partnership (HHP). We had the opportunity to talk about the work of the HHP in the United States and the work I do in Georgia.

Michael was invited to speak at a special session on Healthy Cities. The students from QUT (Queensland University of Technology) did an amazing job on this project investigating ways to classify cities with regards to health and housing. There are many classification systems available, but none that really look at healthy cities. It was a great interaction online and in person. This is part of the International Council for Building (Conseil International du Bâtiment) or CIB Task Group 86 – Building Healthy Cities.

The conference was held at the Gardens Point Campus of QUT in the Science and Engineering Centre. A building with many innovative ideas set on a beautiful campus.

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