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Southern Corn Rust Confirmed in Georgia

As of the time of this writing (6/5/2020, 1:00 p.m.), Southern Corn Rust (SCR) has been confirmed in two Georgia counties. According to Dr. Bob Kemerait, “With detections in Decatur and Jeff Davis Counties, Southern corn rust could be lightly scattered anywhere along our southern Coastal Plain.” Corn that has…
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Peanut Insect Update

As we move into June, peanut growers should be checking fields for insects. In general, thrips pressure should be less at this time. Following is an update from Dr. Mark Abney about the insect situation. “I got reports of tobacco budworm and lesser cornstalk borer (LCB) infestations in peanut this…
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Peanut Disease Update

Seedling disease in peanuts can be an issue, but hopefully we won’t see as much with recent rainfall. Following is information from Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA Extension Pathologist on Aspergillus crown rot and the updated Peanut Rx application. For the updated Peanut Rx application, visit If you have questions,…
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Cooler Temperatures? Things to Consider about Peanut Planting

Peanut growers will need to consider different factors with the cooler temperatures that we will be experiencing the next few days and nights. Following are some thoughts from UGA Extension Specialists, Dr. Scott Monfort and Dr. Bob Kemerait. Also, for more weather information, check out the website to get…
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