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Beware of Unsolicited Packages of Seeds

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) is aware that many Georgia residents have received unsolicited packages containing seeds. The packages appear to have originated from China. If someone has received a similar package, he/she is strongly urged not to open the package, not to plant the seeds, and not to…
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Southeastern Hay Contest

The 2020 Southeastern Hay Contest is continuing even though the Sunbelt Expo has been cancelled for this year. Hay producers that are interested in entering the contest or getting more information can visit the website at There are 7 categories in which growers can enter depending on their production…
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Irrigating Corn

Corn in the county is maturing and reaching later stages in production. Following is some information on general water needs and use of corn at growth stages when the crop nears full maturity. Many times the question is asked, “When do I stop irrigating my corn crop?” Some fields are…
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Updated Information on Silverleaf Whitefly

There is updated information on silverleaf whitefly (SLWF) for cotton growers. The latest information on SLWF can be found in the following publications from our UGA Cotton Team. Click to see Sampling and Managing Whiteflies in Georgia Cotton – this publication describes the SLWF biology, damage, sampling, risk management, and…
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