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Updated Information on Silverleaf Whitefly

There is updated information on silverleaf whitefly (SLWF) for cotton growers. The latest information on SLWF can be found in the following publications from our UGA Cotton Team. Click to see Sampling and Managing Whiteflies in Georgia Cotton – this publication describes the SLWF biology, damage, sampling, risk management, and…
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It’s Time for Pecan Leaf Tissue Sampling

Pecan growers, it’s that time again. Following is some timely information and instruction on pecan tissue sampling from Dr. Lenny Wells, UGA Pecan Specialist. Following are the steps for taking leaf samples: Collect 50-100 middle-pair of leaflets from the middle leaf of this year’s growth (See figure above). Use terminal shoots…
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Update for the Week – June 12, 2020

Many happenings through all parts of the county this week. Here is the latest update: CORN: Much of the corn in the county has tasseled in the last week or two. The main thing to be scouting for or protecting against is Southern corn rust (SCR) – as of today,…
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