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Freshwater in the Great Lakes

The Editor’s Blog from the Stormwater Magazine today discusses the freshwater in the Great Lakes and some facts about the lakes.  In the post, Janice discusses the presence of algae blooms, carp and wetlands.  I know there has been some discussion with UGA Extension Agents on algae blooms and harmful…
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Rainwater is for Greener Cities along with Traffic.

In the July 10th edition of Governing magazine there is an article titled “Greener City Streets Aren’t Just About Traffic.  They’re About Rainwater, Too.”  This article introduces the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) newly released guide titled “Urban Street Stormwater Guide.  The article presents how including stormwater features…
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Water Festival and Pokemon Go

In September 2016, the organizers of the Athens-Clark County Water Festival incorporated the game Pokemon Go into their annual water education festival.  The Saturday was full of different water related activities from kids being able to act like a raindrop flowing through a stormwater channel, water cannons, water games, and…
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