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SepticSmart Week – Day 4 – Pump Your Tank!

The tank is the part of the septic system where the material is stored and then distributed to the drainfield. Within the tank the organic material is broken down but it is also the place where any inorganic material is stored. So, pumping the tank on a regular basis (typically 3-5 years) removes the inorganic material, oils and greases, and reduces the organic fraction. This protects both the tank and the drainfield.

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SepticSmart Week – Day 3 – Don’t Overload the Commode!

Day three focuses on not using the commode as a trashcan. So flushing things other than the three P’s down the drain will or could clog the commode and septic tank and system. The three P’s are: Poop. Pee-Pee, and toilet Paper. Other things will not degrade rapidly and cause…
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