Trees and Plants have roots to provide them a means to get water and nutrients for growth. Septic and Sewer lines are good locations of a constant supply of water and nutrients. I have gotten a few calls about how close to septic or sewer lines trees, shrubs, and gardens should be planted. The general recommendation is that trees and plants with aggressive root systems should not be planted near septic or sewer lines. In the November 28, 2022 issue of the Municipal Sewer and Water magazine there is an article about roots in the sewer lines but this also pertains to septic lines.

Roots in a sewer/septic line. Image from the Municipal Sewer and Water magazine Nov. 28, 2022 issue.

So as you are planting trees or shrubs, be aware of where your sewer lines or septic system lines are and try to plant away from those areas to prevent potential root intrusion in to the pipes and then other associated issues of slow drainage, blockage, and back ups into the house or business.