In the March 2023 issue of the Municipal Sewer and Water magazine, Luke, the editor, has an editorial that is titled “Saving for a Sunny Day“. I have always thought that we need to find ways to store water when it rains so it is available when it is dry. Luke, discusses how some new programs in California are set-up to try and capture some of this stormwater for later times.

In my work with conservation tillage and stormwater management, as I said above, I like to try and think how can we use and store the water we get in the form of rain to have for later uses. In agricultural fields, conservation tillage systems stores this water for future use, but also reduces erosion and many other benefits. With stormwater, installing practices in your yards like raingardens can also accomplish the same thing along with other practices.

So, as we are getting rain we need to think of drought when it is raining so we can store the water for use when it is dry.

Have a good day.