Water is one of those things that gets recycled and recycled and recycled and I could go on and on. Have you ever heard that the water we are drinking today was also drank by the dinosaurs?

Image from https://www.redbubble.com/i/coasters/Boba-drinking-dinosaur-by-Ginge297/54007707.E5I3N

As such finding ways to recycle water is and has been part of what some of us do on a day to day basis. From slowing stormwater down so it can infiltrate into aquifers and then “daylight” in creeks and rivers where it can evaporate and then fall again as precipitation to be used again in many different forms.

In the March 29, 2023 issue of Municipal Sewer and Water magazine there is a story titled “Reuse and Recycling Leaders Gather in Atlanta to Reimagine Water” .

As we look at water and how to use it, think of ways to recycle the stormwater and the water you use daily.