Using Green Infrastructure to help solve problems with stormwater and CSOs is one of the tools available for cities around the US. In the Municipal Sewer and Water Magazine, August 2021 issue, there is an article explaining how the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati is using stormwater management to aid in reducing stress on the CSO system.

Here in Georgia, we in the UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences’ Department of Crop and Soil Sciences along with others in the UGA College of Engineering and College of Environment and Design has worked with the GA Environmental Protection Division and the GA Department of Transportation to monitor a newly installed stormwater basin along the I-20 and I-75 ramp under Capitol Avenue. One of our Graduate Students monitored the stormwater basin for inflow and outflow sediment and nutrient concentrations and the study showed that using stormwater basins reduces water entering the CSO system and reduced nutrient loads for the water that did enter the stormwater system. Below is an image of the bioretention cell being monitored:

Stormwater Basin in the median between I-20 and ramp from I-75 in Atlanta Georgia. Image by Gary L Hawkins.