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Botrytis Testing for Fungicide Resistance

Clemson University has picked up the resistance testing for Botrytis. This is not a free service at this time. However, it is very useful and worth the funds to determine which Botryticides are working. See the attached form for information needed.

Additional information from Dr. Guido Schnabel.

I worked with our plant and pest diagnostic clinic (Drs Yang and Colburn) to resurrect this popular service and I am  happy to announce that we will again be offering resistance profiling for Botrytis (only Botrytis at this point) to our small fruit growers. This service was immensely helpful to our regional strawberry growers in the past. Although not comprehensive in nature, the evaluation of 10 isolates per field did provide an indication as to what still works and what chemicals are basically a waste of money. It also provided lots of education with regard to fungicide MOA and resistance management.

On the attached form you will notice two panels. One for one set of chemicals and one for another set. The idea, though, is that both panels are requested for getting the full picture. Splitting this up was for technical (inhouse) reasons to be able to provide this service at a reasonable price before this year’s season is over. I think next year this technicality will disappear. The instate price for the complete service is $80 and for out of state customers $100.

Make sure you send enough to test 10 isolates per sample. There is also a QR code to simplify the payment.  

Send samples to

Molecular Pathogen and Pest Detection Lab

511 Westinghouse Rd.,

Pendleton, SC 29670

864 646 2133 (phone);

The clinic will only provide results, but no interpretation or recommendation. I will provide that for instate samples and to out of state samples if indicated on the form (until it gets too much 😊). Please contact Dr. Colburn (who is actually doing the assay) or Dr. Yang (director of the clinic)  for any additional/technical questions.

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About Phil Brannen

Phil Brannen is a Professor in the Plant Pathology Department at the University of Georgia. He attended the University of Georgia for his undergraduate degree in Plant Protection and Pest Management, where he also received an M.S. in Plant Pathology, followed by a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Auburn University. He has extensive experience with disease management programs in numerous cropping systems. He serves as the extension fruit pathologist for Georgia – conducting research and technology transfer for multiple fruit commodities. His efforts are directed towards developing IPM practices to solve disease issues and technology transfer of disease-management methods to commercial fruit producers. He also teaches the graduate level Field Pathology Course, the History of Plant Diseases and their Impact on Human Societies Course, team-teaches the IPM Course, coordinates the Viticulture and Enology in the Mediterranean Region Course (Cortona, Italy), and guest lectures in numerous other courses throughout the year.